The Unseen Possibilities of Direct Selling in Modern World Industries

As we all start to feel like ourselves again, it’s time to restructure our methods and systems in a future-proof way. We simply cannot afford to remain vulnerable to a catastrophe like this anymore. One best method to take the edge off such crises is to diversify your business into different industries. It can help you to achieve a balance in your overall revenue as well as provide a tremendous learning opportunity.

To give you a leg up, here are some industries you might be interested in where the direct selling business model is in the making and has the ability to hit the jackpot in the near future. Also, you will get to know about the opportunities these industries offer you to kick-start your network marketing business right now.

Real Estate

Making up over $9.6 trillion in market share, real estate is an ever-growing industry in the world. Its success lies in the fact that it works around one of the basic necessities of human beings; a space to live (Though the real estate business has grown from more than just a marketplace for finding habitation to an instrument to invest in).

MLM business model in real estate involves rental, lease, or purchase of real estate properties through network marketing. You get paid for the deals you make, as well as for the ones made by the members in your down-line. The biggest advantage is that it demands zero investment. Since real estate deals involve transactions of millions of dollars, the corresponding commission amounts will also be handsome.


Undoubtedly, E-learning is one of the industries which could turn the pandemic crisis into a boon. E-learning since its inception has always been questioned with regard to its effectiveness when compared with the typical offline mode of learning. But with the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, most of the educational institutions over the world have successfully repositioned the classes to online mode, enjoying its numerous other benefits too.

E-learning when combined with the network marketing business model sums up to a scheme wherein people opt in to be distributors or resellers of the courses you offer. A fraction of the course fee turns out to be the commission for the resellers. Also, referral programs can be a part of this model by which people who have joined the course earn an amount when someone they refer to purchases the course.

Forex Trading

World’s largest financial market with high trade volumes makes it no different when it comes to the successful implementation of network marketing. Compared to other industries, the market population is huge in forex trading, which is to our advantage. The market that is open for 24 hours through the week, provides an immense opportunity to benefit from this business model.

The best idea to build a profitable network marketing business in forex is to start out as a brokerage firm. With a network of sub-brokers under the firm, you will be able to generate income from the profits generated by the stock transactions made by your direct customers and the customers from the sub-brokers. The same strategy would work with mutual funds too.

E-commerce and Online shopping

There is no time in history when people hated shopping, regardless of the requirements. The stay-at-home situation along with people’s urge to go shopping has skyrocketed the ecommerce industry. Online sales reported a massive growth of over 27.6% in 2020. The sustainability of such shopping behavior is unarguably strong, especially when people have become comfortable with it. All these facts give us no reason to doubt the practicality of direct selling in the ecommerce platform.

Popularly known in the name affiliate marketing, e-commerce companies have successfully been implementing the variation of the MLM model for quite some time, except that in affiliate marketing, there is no network building. One of the biggest advantages that the e-commerce industry enjoys is its very large retail customer base, which makes things a lot easier. Also, being a widely popular business, people can easily understand and adapt to its working.

Insurance Plans

When it comes to health, nobody really wants to take risks. That’s what the insurance companies in the market have been capitalizing on for decades. Take any product, try to sell it. I bet nothing would sell as easy as insurance does. It is that popular and trusted by the masses. Building a realistic and trustworthy network marketing scheme for your insurance product is all you need to make a fortune in this business.

Though insurance is not just confined to the health sector, health insurance is the most popular product that sells well. The others include life insurance, vehicle insurance, and so on. The key fact to take advantage of is that insurance is considered an obligatory investment by a large population, and that’s something insurance companies have instilled through the years. Combining all these facts, insurance is an ideal industry to kickstart your network marketing business.

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are something you might not be familiar with. It’s kind of the latest species in the blockchain ecosystem if you want to think of it that way. With the popularity gained by Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, people have inclined interest in blockchain technology these days. The key difference that distinguishes smart contracts from other cryptocurrencies is that it is more of an environment. Utilizing blockchain technology, one can develop decentralized projects with smart contracts.

Similar to the trading of currency pairs, these smart contracts also vary in value with supply and demand. What differentiates smart contracts from other trading systems is the transparency and security it provides for mutually agreed contracts. The smart contracts are automatically executed only when the given conditions are met. This is a relevant advantage to implement an MLM business model as it increases the trustability of the system.

Bottom line

Even though it’s a real struggle to find your niche, the opportunities are always wide open in front of you to try. Identifying what works for you and what doesn’t is important. Make sure you have a realistic compensation plan that isn’t any pyramid scheme.

If you could come up with a genuine business idea like the ones recommended, with realistic commission and bonus plans, then nothing would stop you from being on the crest of a wave and make your fortune in this high-paying industry.

The markets are gaining ground exponentially and now it’s time for you to work your way up. Be ready to get your feet wet!

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