Network marketing and how can it be introduced into an ICO event?

Network marketing, a new world of opportunities as well as a marketing path adapted with great preference. In simple words, a network marketing business is a marketing methodology that comes with a marketing plan for acquiring more consumers and thereby increases product sales. You obviously heard of this term –“blockchain technology”, a whole new application can be built out of this technology in a network marketing business. For a better chance of fundraising, MLM platform can be added up into the ICO list. Let’s see how these three parts are connected,

This might be a new instance and well, it’s always worth a try.

Usually, network marketing business follows up with real-time meetings, direct selling, referral marketing, and much more. And all those stuff are managed using network marketing software. Certainly, there are complexities and minor difficulties while implementing the business through various third-party help. The blockchain is the perfect solutions for such instances and roots away all such difficulties.

Why “blockchain” in network marketing?

Blockchain, a distributive ledger system upgrades the existing marketing system by every means. The complete process can be carried out within the blocks and every transaction, member addition, genealogy tree structure, etc. can be added up as new blocks build up to become a blockchain.

Normal MLM System

MLM in Blockchain

Blockchain links each other without the need for third-party interference. Everything in one place or space!

Henceforth, there are many advantages to such system like,

  • High efficiency
  • Transparent system
  • High security
  • In-built API’s
  • No chance of data loss etc.

If you’re referring to or offering such an innovative product business with a perfect project idea using blockchain technology, it’s highly appreciated in the world market. And if you lack the money to advance through or forward then, ICO is your answer!

Raise the required fund through such events as the early versions (IPO, crowdfunding, share splits etc.)

How ICO works with network marketing?

Initial Coin Offering (ICO), a crowdfunding event where tokens or crypto coins are provided in terms of investor returns. ICO is an alternative universe of crowdfunding and it’s easier in operation. Usually, an ICO is an investor trigger campaign which grows as per the demands. Statics or ICO analysis suggests that the token sales will be boosted up once the demand and brand popularity increases.

As a new network marketing project with new innovations, it might be difficult to raise the fund at first. There actually exist many questions in an investors mind like:

Whether the ICO campaign is a scam or not?

Is it reliable or worth enough to make an investment?

Does the projected idea have a scope in future?

How far has technology grown up to implement the strategy?

The answers to these questions take a lot of digging and research. One ought not to make a blind investment as it’s a risk to bear for the whole period of the business deal.

Network marketing isn’t a new term to the world and it’s been in practice for over a decade. Henceforth, with blockchain technology, the marketing strategy is going to become an impact in future days.

Traditionally, we propose you something unique for you — A complete guide on ICO preparation for network marketing.

A guide for network marketing ICO campaign!

  • An idea with an impact and develop an analysis on it!
  • Preparing a whitepaper
  • Make it available for every potential investor
  • ICO marketing for making the event successful!
  • Investors know and learn about your ICO campaign
  • The idea becomes a new innovation
  • Your ICO campaign become successful

This is how an ICO campaign works and hope you enjoyed our idea behind it! Well, there are many ups and downs in the beginning stage but eventually, it will pick up the pace.

The perfect way is here and to stabilize these parts, we’ll have a further study on it. Our future articles will lead you to such case studies and unique ideas. If things wrap up perfectly, these ideas can become one of the best solutions for the existing system!

Look ahead for our latest technologies and futuristic innovations!

Originally published at on July 2, 2018.

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